My Opinion on Kellin Quinn

So lately there has been a lot of drama surrounding Kellin Quinn of Sleeping with Sirens. A lot of it had to do with charging $80 for a meet and greet. Here are my opinions.

$80 is really nothing. I have paid a lot more for Meet and Greets. I actually paid $150 for a Meet and Greet with Marianas Trench (A more less known band in the US). My Issue with the Money is for the “photo with the band” you’re not really getting a photo with the band. You’re getting a photo with Kellin Quinn. What about my photo with Justin Hills, Gabe Barham, Jesse Lawson, and/or Jack Fowler. They won’t exist unless you hang out after the show to try and get photos with them.
My second Issue how Kellin justified the $80, saying that Polorid film is super expensive and that he has a family now and that’s why the Meet and Greet is so expensive. I did the research, Polorid film is $11 for 300 photos. That would make each photo $0.04. Also if there is 50 people per Meet and greet, that would cover 6 shows. They would have to buy 5 film strips. Which would be a grand total of $55. When you factor in all the other elements of the Package (Double Sided Poster and GA Ticket) It would actually run about $50. ($20-$30 for Ticket, $10 for Poster, $10 for Picture with Band).
For My Meet and Greet with Marianas Trench it had a lot more elements and I do believe it was reasonably priced. I also have a Meet and Greet with Ghost Town coming up and that was definitely reasonable. It included everything SWS included in their meet and greet (but the photo is actually with the band) and it was only $30.
My Last issue is I decided to look at their new merch store and noticed you are limited to only certain sizes (small-large). Not everybody fits into those sizes and if its a certain company with smaller sizes than they def. will not fit. I also noticed on a few shirts where there is photo, its only a photo of Kellin. Not the rest of the band. Sleeping with Sirens is a band. Not just Kellin Quinn.
On the plus side, I am glad he did donate most of the funds from the meet and greets to a girl who has cancer.



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