Hot Finish by Erin McCarthy

Rated: R for some sexual content and language


Hot Finish is book number three in Erin McCarthy’s Fast Track Series. I was able to download this audiobook using the wonderful Overdrive app. This is the last book in this series that is available in audiobook right now, so the rest will be read using hard copies. I tell you that so you know it may take me a bit longer to post the reviews for the next few books.


I must say that earlier today, when the last words of Hot Finish were read to me by Emily Durante (the narrator for the audiobooks), I was quite sad. I thought the series was over. I joked with my boss saying I needed a personal day to mourn the loss of some of my favorite fictional characters. Obviously, I was so caught up in getting the next book and listening to it that I didn’t think to look on Erin McCarthy’s website to see if Hot Finish actually was the last book in the series. I only knew this was the last book available on Overdrive. When I thought to check her website I was elated to find that there are more books in the Fast Track series! Four more as of now with one left to reveal sometime in 2014! You can check out the “Books” page on our blog to find the list of books.


Anyways, on to the review!


There are two main characters in Hot Finish, Suzanne Jefferson and Ryder Jefferson, and two secondary characters, Nikki and Jonas.

Suzanne, 33 I believe, “ex-wife” to Ryder, no children, wedding planner

Ryder, about Suzanne’s age, “ex-husband” to Suzanne, no children, racecar driver

Nikki and Jonas are secondary main characters because Suzanne works closely with Nikki in this book, which in turn leads to Jonas being mentioned a lot.


Suzanne and Ryder were married, but their arguing got in the way and they weren’t able to work things out. They were able to keep a friendship after the divorce, which most couples can’t.

With the alimony running out, Suzanne decides to go back to doing what she used to do. Planning weddings. The wedding she is planning for Nikki is not an easy one. Nikki is kind of flighty and indecisive, going through quite a few wedding ideas before settling on one Suzanne thinks she can pull off.

Ryder is the best man in this quickly put together wedding. This makes it a bit uncomfortable for Suzanne, but she somewhat manages to stay sane. I’m not sure if Nikki or Ryder drove her more crazy.

From the previous two books, you know that there are some feelings left untold between Suzanne and Ryder. Those feelings are brought up when they find out they aren’t legally divorced yet.

In her writing, Erin McCarthy fills you with hope, love and longing to know more.

Staying in line with the first two books in the Fast Track series, Erin McCarthy delivers some steamy scenes and romance in Hot Finish.

I won’t tell you any more. If you want to know more you’ll have to read the book!

Happy reading!




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