An Open Letter to Go Radio

To: Go Radio
From: An Outraged Fan

With the recent break up, I was confused as many other fans were. I wanted to blame you guys but then also blame the fans. But there was no one to blame. Go Radio had, I guess ran its course.

I had read the final goodbye on Facebook made by Alex and Steven. It broke my heart. A band I have been following and supporting for some time now was over. But as much as I was grieving I was wondering why Jason and Matt were not mentioned in this goodbye. It talked about Alex and Stevens future endeavors but what about Jason and Matt. They were apart of the band the last time I had checked.

Through the next few days, It felt like an on going battle between Jason and the rest of the band (Except Matt. He has yet to make a statement). It even got other fans aggravated at all the accusations and they started hating and harassing Jason’s wife. Blaming her for the breakup. I don’t know if she was the cause and I don’t really care. To out right harass her when she had no idea what was going on was rude. And also the last time I checked, She was not in the band and did not make the decisions.

But what aggravated me the most was Jason saying Close The Distance was not successful enough. Can someone please explain to me how #54 Position on the Billboard 200, #22 Position on the Billboard Rock Albums, #12 Position on the Billboard Independent Albums and #13 Position on the Billboard Alternative Albums is not successful? For the band they are, I see that VERY Successful. And the fans help You, Jason Lancaster, to do that. But you’re willing to bail on us just like that because you didn’t get a #1? I hate to say this but It most likely never to happen. Not because of who you are but the type of music you play. It will NEVER be accepted on Top 40 radio as much as you want it to. I know. I’ve tried and I’ve gotten blocked and banned from two of my local radio stations. They don’t care what you actually want to hear. As long as the major labels are paying them tons of money to spin a certain song they won’t play it. And Fearless isn’t one of the high labels. It is one of the Best Alternative Music labels and I support them fully but they will never be able to become the stature of the other labels (I.e Universal Music Group, Sony, Warner). And there is a very limited amount of alternative radio stations. And the fact that you had Billboard supporting you is shocking! Most Indie artist don’t even get that. Yes you weren’t selling out arena’s but you probably never will unless you turn into Justin Bieber overnight.

I understand you feel you want to try something else. But I feel you are still hung up on Mayday Parade. I’m not sure what exactly happened but Jason you’re no longer apart of Mayday and probably never will. You just need to move on. You had 3 amazing band mates supporting you and going along for the ride with you! Yet you’re willing to throw it all away.

Now to the rest of the band. Posting that without Jason’s knowledge was a little rude. You should have all sat down discussed everything one last time then wrote the farewell together. I understand your aggravation but doing that out of the blue with only two members knowledge was just wrong. How would you have felt if Jason never told you how he felt or that he wanted the band to be over than just posted out of the blue that Go Radio was over, with non of your knowledge? You wouldn’t have liked it.

Now I’m not writing this to try and get the band back together because I know chances are slim to none. I’m writing this because like most fans I’m aggravated at all the accusations and the backstabbing behind each others backs. Think about what you’re doing first. I wish all four of you the best in whatever you do decided to do with the rest of your lives. But please. Still be friends in the future. Don’t let this wreck what 7 years of memories you had.


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