Bryan Stars Tour with Ghost Town

Monday Oct 7, I had the pleasure of driving up to Toronto, Ontario, Canada to see the Bryan Stars Tour at The Hard Luck. It was just purely amazing. I would love to re-live it again and again.

When I had arrived the venue was hard to find. It was very small and not in a very good neighborhood. I had stopped at Tim Hortons to get some coffee and use the bathroom. While there I had found some girls I had met at a Marianas Trench show in Toronto. They were the first ones there and decided to hang at Tim’s till more fans showed up. We headed up to the venue and there was only 1 other person there.

While waiting in line 2 men (Who we later found out were members of Oh No Fiasco) walked by and jokingly said “Holy shit!! Toronto knows how to do it! You guys beat the bands to the venue.” We giggled and casually talked with the guys. They had asked us a good place to eat. And Myself not being from the area I just said Timmy’s. “Why does every Canadian say that!” They joked. We chatted for a little bit longer and they headed off there way to get some lunch.

I was getting ready for the show by putting my cat hat and tutu on, while waiting outside in line. Everybody was loving it. Including complete strangers not attending the show.

While chatting with everyone in line and handing out Ghost Town Stickers, I had casually looked up and saw Ghost Town’s bus driving by and Manny (Drummer of Ghost Town) sticking his head out looking at all the fans. I screamed “HI MANNY!!” as loud as I could as they drove by. He giggled and waved back.

After about 20 minutes or so Ghost Town finally parked there bus. Alix (Guitarist of Ghost Town) and Alister Dippner (Artist who draws Ghost Towns Artwork) walked towards us waved but didn’t come near. They had to start loading in. Just a few minutes later Manny came running towards us. He started with me and gave me a hug then hugged the rest of the fans. He stood around and we talked. He remembered me from the previous shows I attended and asked me about Street Team Missions. We took a picture together then he headed towards the laundry mat next door to do some laundry.

The Hours had past and we watched all the bands load in. It was then 3:30, the time VIP was supposed to happen. But Bryan Stars, Modern Day Escape and SayWeCanFly was not there yet. It was a good Half Hour before they showed up.

I was screaming inside when Braden Barrie (SayWeCanFly) and Bryan walked by. They both mean so much to me and Seeing them in person meant so much. They went up to the venue to drop off their things. About a minute or so later Braden came running out and ran straight to me and gave me the biggest hug ever. It felt like forever and I never wanted to let go. It was like I was in a dream. I couldn’t believe someone who’s music means the world to me ran up to me to hug me! He hugged the rest of the fans then asked if he could make a instagram video of us. None of us could refuse.

Just a few minutes later all the V.I.P’s went up stairs to meet Ghost Town and hang out and listen to sound check.

When I walked in the first person I saw was Bryan Stars. I was very nervous and at this point shaking. I was meeting Bryan Fucking Stars. Someone who I look up to and would love to work with. I walked up to him and said Hi in a very shaky voice and handed him a rose I bought for him. He could tell I was super nervous. He asked me my name and Age and where I was from. I told Him. “There is no way you are 22! And That is awesome you drove from the states to come see all of us. This means the world to me!! You are absolutely adorable you make my heart melt.” He then grabbed me and hugged me. I tucked my head into his neck because he was so tall. Our hug lasted forever. Neither of us wanted to let go. It felt perfect. I thanked him for all that he does and that he was an inspiration to me. That I would love to do what he does. I told him my dream was to either work for Alternative Press or be a Pit Reporter on Warped. “I could see you doing that. You are adorable and so sweet and you deserve this. I believe in you Ashley. Please don’t let your dreams die. Have you ever interviewed anyone?” And I told him I had. That I was able to Interview Marianas Trench last year and that I was doing e-mail interviews at the time by indie bands. “You Interviewed Marianas Trench?!?! How the fuck did you get an interview before me?” he joked with me. I showed him the Interview that I did with my friend and told him I did all the editing. “Holy shit. Please don’t ever give up. For a beginner this is amazing. And the fact you Interviewed one of the Biggest Canadian Bands is huge! Ashley, I believe in you!” I kept thanking him for his kind words and we talked more about bands and how I loved supporting them. I told him that If I could help bands I love in any way I do. “Ashley, I love you! This world needs more people like you. Again you are adorable and sweet and I wish there were a million of you. Then maybe this world would be a better place.” I didn’t want to take up more of his time since he had to meet many more fans so I thanked him again and we hugged. It was so perfect.

I then found Manny again and gave him a drawing I made of him as a Minion. “HOLY SHIT!! I saw this on Instagram! Holy shit! This was your drawing. Oh My God!!!! I love this. I’m a Minion!!!!”

I then found Kevin (Singer of ghost town) and also gave him the drawing I made of him as a Minion. “I remember you!!” He giggled. “Thank you so much for this. How have you been? I can’t believe you came to another show.” I told him I was good and that I couldn’t have missed it for the world. He have me a hug then thanked me.

The band jumped on stage and started their soundcheck. They played Skeleton and You’re So Creepy.

I then walked over to Martha (Ghost Towns Merch Girl) and gave her a rose to add to her decorations. I then bought 2 t-shirts (Universe and I’m a Ghost) and 3 Wristbands (You’re a Monster, Dreamer, and In Flames). I got 2 tickets to be entered into the contest to win a one of a kind Alister Drawing. (I didn’t win but I wanted to!)

I then walked over to Alister and asked him to do a doodle on my VIP pass. He drew my favorite thing. The Dreamer Ghost. So cute and I have a Alister doodle!

I then found Evan and gave him his drawing as a Minion. “Oh my god! This sweatshirt is never going to die!” It was his sweatshirt that said “Smile, God is Judging you!” We talked about how that shirt was everywhere. and how he called the owner of the company that produces that sweatshirt to stop making it. We laughed.

I then found Alix. I was a little too excited to meet him because I had more than his drawing. As most Ghost Town fans know he was a cow named Bessie. So I bought him a Baby Cow stuffed animal. I handed him his drawing first and his face lit up. I then handed him the stuffed animal. “Oh My God!! Bessie had a baby!!!! I’ll sleep with her every night!!”

It was time to take the photos with the band, Bryan and Alister. We all stood in line. When it was finally my turn all the guys were gigling and going “Its our tutu girl!!!” It was a priceless moment

I was then just standing around when I saw Braden Barrie. The most perfect human being I could meet. His must is so inspiring and helps me through every mood. After after all the things thrown his way he was still strong. I walked up to him and also handed him a rose. “Oh wow. Thank you. Nobody has ever given my a flower before. Thank you for being my first.” I had asked him if he got his merch back. “Unfortunately no. Its still in the states.” I was a little disappointed because I wanted a t-shirt and a physical copy of his EP Heaven is Hell. I asked him to sign my VIP pass also and for a Photo. Nobody was around so I just stayed and chatted. We talked about his music and the set that night. I had asked him if he was going to play Intoxicated, I love You, one of my favorite songs of his. “I am, just for you!” My heart melted. “What songs of mine do you like?” he asked and of course I couldn’t pick just a few, I loved them all. “Well If you had to choose, which you do because I’m making you, what songs other than Intoxicated, I love you, would you like to hear tonight.” My heart stopped. He was letting me help him pick his set. I suddenly got so nervous that I forgot all of his song titles. I pulled out my Ipod and went straight to his Music. I told him I would love to hear Bruise My Bones, The Poet, Dandelion Necklace and/or Hearts and Flowers (He ended up Performing Bruise My Bones, Intoxicated, I love you, and The Poet). We stood around a little longer, “I know you. How do I know you?” he asked confused. I jokingly said from outside. He giggled. “Of course I remember you from outside but I know you from somewhere else. I’m really sorry that I can’t remember but where do I know you from?” Then I explained I had tweeted him a few times and told him my twitter name and that I also did a cover of Intoxicated, I love You and Your Heart was no place for a monster like me. “Oh my god! You’re the one who did the cover! Holy shit! You’re voice is beautiful! Thank you for doing that! Now if you don’t mind me asking, how did you find my music?” I had explained that he had followed me and at the time I just wasn’t listening to anybody that followed me but at the beginning of this year I finally did and that was when I listened to You heart was no place for a monster like me and that I fell in love. Then I found out he was on the tour and I couldn’t miss it. Because I loved GT and Him. He then was starting to get other people coming up to him. So I thanked him and hugged him then headed towards the stage till the start of the show.

I watched all the sets which were amazing and met all the bands and everybody that worked with them.

At the end of the night, I went around one last time and said goodbye to everyone. First Braden and told him he was amazing and thanked him for playing the songs he did. Then went over to Manny and Evan and said goodbye and gave them hugs. I then went over to Bryan and thanked him for this amazing tour and that I will be back to the next one even if I didn’t know the bands. That I would come to support him. “Ashley thank you so much. You are beautiful and like I told you earlier you’re precious and don’t give up! I may have not known you before today but you mean the world to me.” At this point I broke. He was so sweet and he was the first person in a long time who actually believed in me and what I wanted to do. He saw I was starting to cry and grabbed me for a hug. He rocked him and whispered in my ear “Don’t give up. I love you!” I thanked him again then headed over to Alix. He gave me the biggest hug and thanked me for coming and told me to drive safe. While hugging he was petting my cat hat. “Good Kitty!” It was time to say goodbye to one last person. Kevin. He had a lot of fans around him but I just waited. They all asked for their autographs and photos and etc. Then finally it was my turn. Kevin saw me and got the biggest smile on his face. He hugged me and thanked me so much for coming out to so many shows and supporting them. “It means the world to me” I told him that I needed to head out that I had a long drive ahead. ” Drive safe and Tweet me when you get home. I want to know you are okay!” He hugged me again. “But before you leave, I’ve been wanted to ask you this all night and If I don’t I’m going to hate myself.” I asked him what was it. “Can you curtsy for me?” I told him absolutely and did so. He was so giddy with happiness, like a five year old in a candy store. I hugged him one last time then left.

It was one of the greatest show I have been to in awhile. I felt alive and that people actually cared about me even though they did not know me. Everything that was shitty in my life meant nothing for one entire day. Cannot wait to see all these bands again.









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