Supporting Bands.

As most people know, I am a huge promoter of supporting bands and musicians you like. I am a huge supporter of Marianas Trench, Ghost Town, SayWeCanFly, Consider Me Dead and Mayday Parade (Just to name a few. I support a lot of other bands also like Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, and many many more, but I’m talking more along the lines of lesser known bands).

These five bands in particular, I would do anything and everything to support them. I own all of their albums and 90% of their merch and have had the pleasure of seeing 3 of them 1 or more times in concert.

(Marianas Trench: Seen them 10 times in concert. Own Tons of t-shirts, signed posters, tour posters, wristbands, 3 copies of every album, Vinyl and many more. Also have bought friends and fans merch since they could not afford it. Had the pleasure of Interviewing them and having lunch with them.
Ghost Town: Seen them 3 times in concert. Own 7 t-shirts. 7 wristbands. 2 cds. Stickers. Every itunes single and acoustic that was not on their cd. Also have bought friends and fans merch since they could not afford it.
SayWeCanFly: Seen Braden once in concert. Just ordered a Physical copy of his new EP Heaven is Hell and Signed Poster. Own All of his eps/singles on itunes.
Consider Me Dead: Have not seen them in concert yet. Own itunes copies of both of their eps. Bought physical copy of album and poster.
Mayday Parade: Never Seen them in concert yet. Own all of their albums. 1 t-shirt. Necklace and bracelet. Tattoos and stickers. etc. )

Since The Bryan Stars tour where I saw Ghost Town for the third time and SayWeCanFly for the first time, I have been talking with Braden. He is by far one of the sweetest people I have had the pleasure to met. Recently I told him about how I have his entire catalog of itunes music and paid a few dollars more on his merch (since the website glitched and I couldn’t get the package). He tweeted me very sweet and grateful things. I completely understand he as well as other artists are just saying these things to be nice to there fans but with him, as well as the other lesser known bands I support, I know he truly means it from the heart.

If I can spare $1 to help these people accomplish their dreams, then guess what, I’m going to do it. Even if it’s my last dollar. I am not rich. But I do bust my ass at my “day” job. If I could leave that job and be paid to promote I would do it in a heartbeat. But I know as of right now that will not happen. But I did do a little calculation recently, on just an average amount of what I have spent on these bands. Not hundreds but Thousands of dollars. Between merch, music, travel, lodging, food, and tickets. I could probably pay back all of my student loans with what I spent. But you know what. I don’t give a flying fuck! I know I’m supporting them and It makes me so happy. And If I get an autograph or a photo in return, or even just to meet these people, I’m more than happy.

So Please! Support the bands you love. Whether you can afford to buy some of their merch or music, or if you can only spread the word about them. Do It! Work of mouth goes a long way.

Stay Strong Kids. ❤



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