Emery’s The Weak’s End 10 Year Anniversary Tour

I’m a girl who goes for opening bands. (Sorry Emery. Love yah but You picked one of my fave bands to open for you). So when I heard This Wild Life was one of the opening bands for Emery’s tour, I did not hesitate to buy tickets.

A very sweet awesome friend, in cali, (Ruth C. for those who know her.) introduced me to them over a year ago and I fell in love. There music was so real and easy to sing along too. At the time I was financially unstable and she being the sweetheart she is bought me one of there packages. A t-shirt, cd, poster and sticker. Thank you again for that. I still owe you basically my life.

I asked my best friend to go. She had never been to these types of concerts and a concert to me so it was a long shot but she agreed and I showed her all the music from the band and she fell in love just as much as I did. So we planned our entire day.

We first went to breakfast at ihop. This was a day for trying new things. Neither of us had been so we just took the plunge. And let me tell you. Ihop over denny’s. I will never go to denny’s again. Ihop is cheaper and the quality of food is amazing!! My bf and I both got Mountain Dew (Because its awesome) 2 eggs, hash browns (which were amazing!! and I don’t usually like hash browns), and 4 huge slices of bacon (she got sausage.) along with a stuffed french toast topped with whipped cream and strawberries. And for the 2 of us it was under $20. We felt like we were robbing Ihop so we tipped them extra.

We then headed back to my house to get ready. Of course it being Halloween we were dressing up.  We had no specific costume, but more of a random assortment of ourselves. I wore my This Wild Life t-shirt, pants (obviously), converse, rainbow tutu, rainbow bead necklace, and a Luigi hat. She wore mostly the same but with a Mario hat. And I teased both of our hair.

We went to cici’s pizza for lunch and bought This Wild Life tons of goodies. It was Anthony’s birthday the other day and Everybody deserves a cake on there birthday so why not.

Before the show, (So I didn’t have to carry around all the things) I got in contact with the band. I found them hanging around the back of the venue by there van. I only saw Kevin at first (Singer, Guitarist). So i handed him the bag of goodies and we just chatted. Finally after a few minutes Anthony came around (Guitarist, back vocals.). He went to use the bathroom elsewhere because the bar’s was disgusting (true story). He was laughing because a band gace him a flyer for a show they were having. They were called satin’s butthole. (we were laughing at this for a bit). I then handed him his cake and he got so excited like a 4 year old in a candy store. Nobody on the tour or friends got him a cake. He was joking and saying his mission by the end of the night was to devour the entire cake with nobody else getting a piece. We hung out some more. (about 30 minutes), watched them play Frisbee (and almost break someones car light. Whoops. And myself almost getting hit in the head by the Frisbee. Thanks Kevin for that! And Thanks Anthony for jumping in front of it.). I also met Andy from Peace Mercutio outside and he was super nice and awesome too. They went inside for sound check and we went to the line.

First up was Peace Mercutio. I had never heard of them before but they were AWESOME!! Very funny guys and they walked right into so many gay jokes it was ridiculous. I would in a heartbeat see them again.

After them part of Emery came on and did a few of there songs acoustics and answered questions.

Then obviously the moment I was waiting for. This Wild Life Performing. The Played Ripped Away, Pink Tie, Puppy Love, Roots and Branches and a new song (I believe it was called Over You). Standing there watching them and singing along is what I love. And watching them catch a glimpse of myself and my friend singing along and seeing the smiles that instantly grow on their faces warmed my heart.

After there set of course it was merch buying time! We stood and waiting for them to come out (since yes, THEY SELL THERE OWN MERCH! Shocker! lol). Anthony came running and hugged me and said “I saw you singing along! Thank you so much!” I bought 2 t-shirts and the re-release of Heart Flip. $21 for everything but Anthony was only going to charge me $20. I’m used to paying a lot more than that for band merch. So I handed him $30 and told him to keep it. He was trying to hand it back but I would not allow it. Like I said in a previous post and I say everyday, I know how much certain bands I listen to are struggling. Especially with these two. Its just Anthony and Kevin with little money. So If I can throw in a few extra dollars than you know what I will. And that’s exactly what I did.

I then bought some Peace Mercutio stuff. I got 2 cds. I passed on the t-shirts because well I have enough (but then today I ended up ordering one. Ha!).

We then went to see Emery’s set. Fucking Amazing! No pictures since we hung in the back. To much moshing up front. And the last time I was in a mosh (Just a few weeks ago) my entire back gave out.

When we left we said goodbye to Anthony and Kevin and thanked them for everything. We gave them hugs and just chatted a little longer.

I always say this about concerts but it was one of the best nights of my life.

Concerts are my therapy and they help me through each day. Cannot wait for another one.

Thanks again for everything Kevin and Anthony. This Wild Life for life! ❤








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