Alluring Seduction by Skye Turner

5 Stars!

Rating: R for steamy, sexual situations  

   When I read books in a series I usually don’t like the second or third as much as I liked the first. This was NOT the case with Alluring Seduction in the Bayou Stix Series. In Alluring Turmoil, Skye Turner gave just enough information about Jesse and Blue to make me want to find out what happens with them.
   I won’t say too much because I don’t want to spoil the book before it’s released, but I will say enough, hopefully, to make you want to read Alluring Seduction if you don’t already.
   Skye Turner has the perfect concoction of drama, love, hate and sex in Alluring Seduction. There are times you’ll want to reach in your imagination and smack Jesse in the back of the head and maybe a few times you’ll want to scream at Blue and ask her what the heck she’s thinking. Then there are moments that will make you want to hug Jesse and Blue and be their Jude or Lexi.
   All I will say about the hot steamy sexy bits is, those cute Bayou Stix panties Skye has for sale on her page, yeah, you don’t want to wear those while reading Alluring Seduction. You’ll be changing them shortly after you put them on and start reading. 
  I most definitely recommend Alluring Seduction to anyone over the age of 18! If you’re looking for a sweet, sexy read, you’ve got to pick up Alluring Seduction!
   Happy reading! 🙂


Alluring Turmoil by Skye Turner

Rating: R – sexual content

Eight years ago, Lexi was broken. She pieced her broken heart back together the best she could and became a successful business owner with her childhood best friend, Erick. Life is going well for Lexi until Bayou Stix comes to town. Bradi, Lexi’s female best friend, convinces Lexi to go to the concert with her. Bradi learns that Lexi and Erick have a history with Jude, the front man for Bayou Stix.


One thing I really liked about the characters in Alluring Turmoil is you can relate to them. There are broken hearts, love, want, rock star life, and much more. I think everyone can find a character they can relate to. There are times in Alluring Turmoil that make you laugh, tear up, and yell at characters (in your mind if you’re reading it in public). The story goes quickly and gets you hooked, but not so quick that half way through you have nothing.


Alluring Turmoil is a great read. I would suggest this book to anyone over the age of 18 because of the sexual content. Speaking of sexual content, Skye Turner keeps the sex scenes interesting. She doesn’t write the same scene over and over again, she mixes it up and makes you wonder what they’ll do next time.


Alluring Turmoil leaves you with a sense of awe and love. This book is well written and a wonderful love story. This book will also teach you to not assume things. It’s always better to ask questions. I highly suggest you pick up a copy of Alluring Turmoil if you like love stories and rock stars!


Happy Reading!